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About Us

Established in 1996 SASA (Pvt) Ltd commenced operations in providing Industrial support products to Factories and productions manufacturing concerns.
SASA Pvt Ltd is part of the Nabeel group companies that operate Plastic Blow Molding and Injection productions lines, Liquid Petroleum Gas procurement, storage and whole sale marketing plants and CAD/CAM/CAE services. (www.nabeelgroup.com) An average everyday entrepreneur requires his/her operations to run smoothly, effectively and economically.
SASA is the answer to keeping your factory floors moving. We provide versatile equipment and accessories that keeps your day to day internal logistical, storage and safety concerns at bay. Contact us for information of how you can achieve complete peace of mind with your factories running effortlessly


  1. Industrial automation, Safety, Storage.
  2. Auto mobile Parts & Accessories.
  3. Automotive Plastic Products.
  4. Factory Automations.
  5. Testing & Measuring Equipments.
  6. Safety Equipments.
  7. Anti Corrosion Materials & Allied Products.

Our Vision

Provide industrial support products that increase efficiency, safety whilst reducing production time. Quality is the aim

(Factory automation support / Safety and Storage accessories)

Our Mission

Innovation is the goal.
To provide the best quality products & services.
We shall represent only those companies that excel in their products and provide excellent after sales services.
Our representative products shall be those that customers recognize as reliable and consistent
We shall ensure in time deliveries and after sales services.
We shall be transparent in all our deals with our principal companies and our valued customers..

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